Core 101

Core 101
This three-year program, the heart of the Gideon’s Promise model, provides new public defenders the skills and knowledge necessary to become outstanding advocates for their clients. It also teaches strategies to overcome the many challenges public defenders face living up to their constitutional obligation to each person that they represent.

Each year, Gideon’s Promise selects a new class to join our growing community of committed, passionate public defenders. The class comes together initially at Summer Institute, an intensive, 14-day training session, and meets one weekend every six months over the course of the three-year program. Each participant is assigned a mentor from our faculty of more than 75 of the most committed current and former public defenders across the country. This support is supplemented via an online community through which they can share resources, victories, challenges, and other information.
Applicant Requirements
Attorneys who have been public defenders for three years or less* are encouraged to apply. All new lawyers who are admitted to the Core 101 training program enter Gideon’s Promise as a cohort (e.g. Class of 20XX). All applicants must demonstrate a commitment to the Gideon’s Promise vision and intent to complete the three-year program. All applications must be approved by the Chief Public Defender in that office or his/her representative.
Throughout the Core 101 Program,
Gidoen's Promise Promotes Six Goals:

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