Core 101 Application

We appreciate your interest in the Gideon’s Promise Core 101 program and becoming the movement we are building to bring equal justice to the vulnerable communities we serve. The demand for the program is growing and the application is becoming increasingly competitive. Please read the following application instructions carefully.

The cost of participation in the three-year Core 101 Program for an individual public defender is $18,000, not including travel. We ask the partner public defender office to contribute $6,500 plus cover the cost of travel. Applicants may request a scholarship from Gideon’s Promise of up to the remaining $11,500.

The greatest fundraising pressure on our organization is to subsidize the cost of the Core 101 Program for public defenders who could not otherwise afford it. Each year we raise between $500,000 and $700,000 to support our new class. Therefore, we look to our scholarship recipients to help with our fundraising efforts. Without this collective effort, we would not be able to continue to support defenders who need Gideon’s Promise.

There is no required contribution amount, but we ask each scholarship recipient to give what they can afford. Some of our lawyers make a small contribution ($5-$10) every pay period. Some engage in their own fundraising, Kickstarter, GoFundMe campaigns. And others come up with additional creative ways to help offset the cost of the program. Again, while a personal contribution is not required, we do ask scholarship recipients to help offset the cost of their programming to the extent they can. We also expect all scholarship recipients to reach out to friends and family to consider supporting Gideon’s Promise during at least one of our annual fundraising campaigns. Gideon’s Promise staff will assist members with this outreach.

We are looking for public defenders who not only are eager for the training and support the Core 101 Program offers, but who are also excited about being an active member of the Gideon’s Promise community. As the community grows, building and a maintaining requires a commitment from each member.

Before completing this application, we want to be clear about the requirements and expectations that go along with being a member of the Core 101 Program.

Every member of the Core 101 Program is required to attend ALL training sessions in their entirety and to promptly respond to requests for information needed by Gideon’s Promise staff to facilitate the administration of these programs. Required training sessions include the full two weeks of Summer Institute, and five weekend meetings (Friday-Sunday) every six months thereafter. See dates posted on the CORE 101 page.

Every member of the Core 101 Program is also expected to contribute to the development of the movement we are building together. While there is not specific requirement for HOW any particular member contributes, and none are expected to engage in all the examples below, each is expected to help in ways that best fit his or her individual talents and inclinations. Some of the expectations include:

  • Using social media to promote Gideon's Promise
  • Providing video/written testimonials about your experience as a member of Gideon’s Promise for promotion and outreach
  • Helping promote outreach events and attend events if in your jurisdiction
  • Writing op-eds or blog posts
  • Speaking at events when the opportunity arises
  • Helping identify potential support and resources (required for scholarship recipients)
  • Joining at least one Gideon’s Promise committees
  • *These are required expectations for a scholarship recipient
  • *Members of the class can choose to do at least one

While full participation in training events and timely responses to requests for information needed to facilitate the logistical demands of running our regular meetings are required of all participants, we also expect members to take ownership in this community and do what they can to help build and support it. The above list provide some, but not an exhaustive list of examples.

Eligible candidates should have earned a law degree at an accredited law school, currently work as a public defender or have a commitment from an office to start by December 31 of this year.

Please check all that apply.

 Graduated From One of The Following Accredited Law Schools
 Currently employed at a partner office
 Commitment from a partner office to start by December 31 of this year.

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