Grad 201

Grad 201
The Gideon’s Promise Graduate Program is a three-year program for any graduate of the Core 101 Program who expects to remain with a Gideon’s Promise partner office for at least three years.

Following our three-year Core 101 Program, graduates possess a foundational skill and value set necessary to being an effective public defender. However, without the continued support of a community reinforcing these lessons, there is the risk that cultural pressures may drive the graduate to either become more accepting of the status quo or leave public defense altogether. Our participants enjoy the continued support of the Gideon’s Promise community, learn advanced lawyering skills as they continue their professional development, and are provided training and mentorship skills as they begin to develop into leaders in the Gideon’s Promise movement. Through the Graduate Program, our defenders fortify their commitment to public defense work and to indigent defense reform.
The curriculum for the Graduate 201 Program includes advanced advocacy and skills development, trainer and mentor development, and basic leadership skills. Participation in the Graduate 201 Program amounts to 11 meeting days annually for three years.

Topics covered include:
  • Public Defender Development
  • Advanced Trial Skills
  • Advanced Negotiation Skills
  • Expert Witness and Forensic Science
  • Immigration Consequences
  • Mental Health
  • Sentencing Advocacy
  • Effective Time Management
  • Trainer and Mentor Development
  • Training and Facilitation Techniques
  • Coaching and Communication Skills
  • Leadership Skills
  • Community Outreach
  • Coalition Building
  • Participation (Suggested that this section be deleted)
Members attend the following:
  • Graduate 201 Development Seminar
  • Trainer Development Conference
  • Summer Institute
  • Winter Training Session
Aisha McWeay
Public Defender
Nashville, Tennessee

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