What is the Leadership Program?
The Leadership Program is a vehicle through which leaders in the Gideon’s Promise community work to improve the quality of representation delivered by their respective offices. Through the Leadership Program, participants are able to:

#1. Better understand the Gideon’s Promise philosophy and model so that they can build on and reinforce those lessons in their offices and better support their lawyers who participate in our program.

#2. Be part of a supportive community of public defender leaders in the region, who embrace a shared vision, through which they can share resources and ideas about how to build more effective organizations and drive criminal justice reform.

#3. Receive cutting-edge leadership training to learn an invaluable skill set for running an effective public defender office.
Semi-Annual Leadership Summit
A key element of the Leadership Program is the semi-annual Leadership Summit through which participating leaders meet every six months for two days to participate in leadership training, to work through leadership and management challenges, and to share strategies for improving the delivery of indigent defense services.

The Leadership Summit is a critical component of our effort to groom the next generation of public defender leaders. It provides the opportunity to partner with current leaders in the field to strategize ways to overcome challenges their lawyers encounter as they apply the techniques and philosophies learned at Gideon’s Promise.

Topics below are facilitated by our faculty and board members:

- Organizational Culture and Indigent Defense
- Client-Centered Leadership
- Communication Skills: Getting Your Team Moving in the Same Direction
- Gauging Success of a Public Defender Office
- Applying Cutting Edge Leadership Tools to Public Defense Problem-Solving

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